Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Ogre is Awesome

Ogre is 17, he is finishing up his Junior year in high school. He is a teenager. Drives me crazy- and is wonderful all in the same minute.
Today his school had their awards ceremony. His school is very small- 20 kids in the class of 2011- and not many more in the class of 2012. He has gone there since he left grade school- also a very small school- a charter school where the Moose goes now- and the Goose will be next year.

I got a call on Tuesday- to tell me that the Ogre would be getting an award at the program. I was able to take the day off and go.
He is such an awesome kid! He received the Diligence Award for the Junior Class. The award is voted on by the staff/faculty of the school for a member of each class. It is given to the student who shows diligence in his work - school work and work in the community.
He also received an award for his geography class- for Most Improved.

I am so very proud of the Ogre!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Flowers and Showers

Cool stuff around Down Town Disney

The Ogre made his stage debut- in "Dead Men Don't Need Dress Rehearsels" He was awesome!

It's been busy- getting ready for the end of the year- and people being sick. We are getting through it all.
Ogre had prom - no date- went with friends. Had a great time- I am really glad that he went and had fun. He is a junior this year- and it's amazing to see how grown up he looks- and occasionally acts.
Mother's Day weekend we had big plans- and they all went down the drain. My BFF- who is also my niece's mother had some pretty big things going on. I knew she would need a shoulder so- I took a day off from work- arranged things so I was free- and promptly got sick. Spent hours sleeping on her couch, in my car- and in my bed. Thought the stress and nerves had got to me- couldn't imagine since my main symptoms were fatigue and malaise. So Friday middle of the night - the Moose starts crying that her throat hurts and she has fever- I'm guessing a doctor's visit is in order for us on Saturday. Jim took the Goose out to Animal Kingdom- and I took the Moose to the doctor. Cynthia (nurse practitioner) promptly diagnosed Moose and Mommy with strep. So we spent all of Saturday and part of Sunday in bed.

Mother's Day- we went to my Mom's and started painting her door- and helped her unload all her loot from the garage sales in Atlanta. She brought back some great stuff- we had dinner with her- and started her present. Painting her front door and hanging shutters.

My Mom and I went to the Green Auction--- it is a great fund raising event- that her friends Sally and Millie do every year at St. Patrick's day- but due to the miserable month that March was- they put it off until May. The way it works- is you buy a green gift, wrap it in green paper, and bring a snack to share. After the eating, drinking and making merry- the auction begins. We bid on the wrapped packages. The bidding can get intense. We do put a starting bid on each package- what you think your gift should start at. This year I had a tray, pitcher, and goblets- with a bottle of rum and mojito mix and a beautiful green oil lamp. My box went for about $40- which wasn't bad- I only had about $20 in it - because of some great sales.
In total we raised about $800 that night- and the money was donated to a children's organization.

We did make a trip to Hollywood Studios- the Moose and Goose are big enough to go on some of the bigger rides and we did Tower of Terror this last trip. Moose went twice- Goose once. They had a blast- and the thrill was there. We also had to watch Beauty and the Beast, Ariel and Disney Jr. We never made it past the Great Movie Ride. It was a great day!

Celebrated Hale-Bugs birthday- she is now 17. Can't believe it. Hard enough to think that Ogre is 17- but my niece also.
We celebrated with cake and ice cream- Grandma got her a great Coach bag, and her favorite Aunt Tamara came through with a rockin bathing suit and beach bag.

Last weekend we planned on a trip to Star Wars weekends at Hollywood Studios- but when I got home from dropping the Moose off at Grandma's for her sleepover- the Goose had a fever - and a nasty cough- so off we went to the doctor- (see a theme) - and she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She is now on antibiotics, steroids, and nebulizer treatments. She is going to miss the entire week of school this week- until the fever breaks, the cough lets up and she is better. She graduates from pre- K next Friday but she isn't to sad about missing school this week- she gets up in the morning- and says " I get to stay home from school today?"

This week will finish up Moose's kindergarten year. The girl is an avid reader- does great at writing, reading, and spelling. She hasn't quit singing since before she was talking clearly.
This summer Moose is going to work on improving those A+++++ reading skills and memorizing some addition and subtraction facts. Goose is going to start rockin the reading - we downloaded an app for that- she is great at the math.

Our prayers are with the families in Alabama, Joplin and Oklahoma that have been devastated by the tornadoes. I can't imagine what they are going through.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Today was a great day! The Easter Bunny delivered baskets late last night- and it's a good thing she did- because the Moose and Goose were up early. We don't have a lot of candy here- but the Easter Bunny is smart and knew the girls would need new bathing suits so those were in their baskets- the Easter Bunny also scored big on WebKinz pets- packages of two pets and one mini pet with clothes- $4. 97 at Costco. What little candy they did get- Grandma Bunny provided. The Ogre's basket had a gift card for Game Stop- and a variety of Axe products (thanks to coupons and sales).

I had to make a few side dishes for Aunt Eddie's - pasta salad, Mac & Cheese and a cake. Also had to get the girls dressed - and out the door. We stopped at Grandma's to drop off her Easter Basket and then off to see Great Grandma.

We met Grandma over at Aunt Eddie's and the afternoon was amazing.

Late lunch on the back porch- with a nice breeze and fans -- it was good food with great friends.

Uncle Kirk took the girls out on the boat around the lake. The girls are were loving the boat ride. They like the wind blowing through their pig tails.

They played in the water with Caidi, Christopher, Grace and Andrew. I thought for sure they would drop off - but they kept on.

We had an Easter Egg hunt- and 5 kids went through 200 eggs. After checking out the loot- Moose sweet talked her cousin Taylor to swing them on the swing out in the back yard- after all of that- Moose finally decided that she might be hungry. Goose never decided that- until she got home and I was tucking her into bed- we had to have a Mac/Cheese bedtime snack.

This was the first holiday without my Dad- and it was different- I kept expecting him to walk out to the dock- or to find him watching TV in the house. Not really expecting- but just the thought. It was not as hard as I thought it would be- but I was more aware of it than I thought I would be. Just trying to process the thoughts.

My Mom and I ran a few errands yesterday- and we talked about all kinds of things- one of the things I asked her was if she had changed the business phone voicemail message- she hasn't yet- and I'm glad. No- I haven't yet become the weird girl who calls her father's cell phone just to hear his voice- but it's coming.

I can't believe how big my girls have gotten- Moose has been home 5 years (next month) and Goose - 3 years (Last January). They are amazing!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

They look scared
Visit with Mulan(well her 3rd cousin from Jersey)

These pics are from a couple of week ago. It was beautiful this weekend- but our passes are blacked out for two weeks. My Mom and I took the girls to EPCOT last weekend to take advantage for the beautiful weather - and have some downtime.

This weekend I hosted a coupon class. I love shopping- garage sales, thrift stores, Macy Sales- and couponing is like garage sales with a list. I am saving so much money- and I have things that I buy just to donate. It is great. I have cut my grocery bills at least in half- and most likely more. It was great fun- and now I want to teach the classes.

Today we went to my Mom's to fix the pressure washer - and while Jim was doing that my Mom and I went to Walgreen's, Target, and Winn Dixie. Crossed a few things off my list- and I will be able to do the rest of my shopping this week.

We had dinner at my Mom's- Sunday dinners was something we had started in January- dinner at my house on Sundays with my parents, my niece and Jennifer. It was nice- and something I am so glad that we did.

This week promises to be busy- on Mondays we are going to FPU - Financial Peace University. Dave Ramsey is a financial genius- who teaches common sense(not so common anymore) and we decided to take the class and get back on the road to financial freedom. I am down to 4 math classes and I have some homework to do before my test on Thursday. Only two more classes after that.

Now off to finish laundry - so the Zoo can have clean uniforms for school:-)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Sad Month March was

It's been such a long time since I posted- and now you get two in one night.

At the end of February I was very sick- bronchitis or pneumonia - lots of Rocephin shots and oral antibiotics. It was a rough week.

On February 28th- my Daddy went into the hospital and was very sick. He has had COPD for years and pneumonia is hard for him. On March 1st- my Mom called me to tell me that the doctors had told her that it was time to talk about Hospice. It is always a hard talk to have with patients and/or their families- and I am thankful that my Dad's doctors took the time to address it with her. Some doctors don't- and those families miss so much.

We moved my Daddy to hospice. Hospice of the Comforter. I had worked for hospice- that one and several others- in the past and while I *knew* how important and how wonderful the nurses/staff were- it's not like *knowing* because they are so important and wonderful to you.

Daddy died on March 4th. He was surrounded by his family and friends. Many of the most important people in his life had the opportunity to say good- bye and share stories with the family. He was able to see his grandchildren, he was able to see his brothers and sisters. He was not able to talk to us- but he was able to understand what we were saying. It was a true blessing. When the girls climbed up on the bed and kissed his cheek and said good bye- and I love you Poppy- he smiled.

This has been so hard- hard to wake up some days knowing he won't ever call me "little girl" again. I won't get to hear his political views (which mine are so like) and no being able to call him for advice- on anything. I know that he is in a good place- and I know that he is not suffering- but I miss him.

Don't take your family and friends for granted- you just never know. I know my Dad knew I loved him, and I have no doubt that he loved me- we had a great relationship.

My Dad was a great person- he was opinionated and stubborn- but he was lots of fun and for all his huff and puff- he was a softy inside. Most importantly he was loved! He will be missed forever.

Back at it

I'm back- and I'd like to say I'm back for regular updates- but I don't want to make promises that I may not be able to keep. The girls and Ogre started school in August but so did I. I as taking an intro to Algebra class and a Humanities class. Throw into the mix- I started a new job- a dream job- and had to go to Kentucky for training for two weeks. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then two new classes. I haven't had time to breath- much less sit down and write on the blog- many regrets at not doing that, but we move on.

Ogre- is doing great. He is finishing his Jr year in highschool. He was able to go to London for a week with the school drama club- and will have a starring role in the play next month. He focusing on a possible military career- but he has to wait until the current president is not - anymore.

Moose- is doing fantastic in school She has really blossomed. She is reading like a dream, we are working on her addition facts (hope she is better at math than I am) She is such a social butterfly. We are looking into acting/singing classes for her but will see what she shows the most interest in.

Goose- is doing well in VPK. She is not getting the education that Moose received at the old preschool- but Goose has more speech issues. She is also a little stubborn- so she won't always perform on que when the teacher asks her to do things.

Hope to get back on track with blogging. It's been a rough year- but there is so much to remember and so much to post. I am going to be a more faithful blogger.

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

after school

Goose and Ms. D

at her desk

putting our stuff up

In front of our class

My big boy- and one of my little girls

blurry - but going to class

Got our back packs and lunch boxes

Getting ready for school

Not getting up

Up and ready to get going

Today was the first day of school- Moose is in Kindergarten, Goose started K4 and the Ogre is a Jr in high school.

Moose was out of bed the instant I said her name. She had a hard time going to sleep last night- so I didn't think she would be so quick to wake up this morning. She was up- and anxious to get her uniform on. Goose was not as fast to get up, but once I reminded her that she had to get ready for school- she was up and ready to go. The Ogre didn't want to get up until the last minute (6:30am) so that he only had enough time to take a shower, put on his uniform, and to brush his teeth.

We all piled into the mini van and took Moose to school first. They ask that you drop the kids off at school- not park and walk them in. They have teachers, safety patrol, and parents that volunteer to help get the kids out of cars and into class. If it had been just me- I would have parked and walked her in-(crazy rule breaker that I am) but Jim said we had to follow the rules.

We pulled into parent drop off/pick up and I unbuckled her car seat- Coach A opened the door and took her to her class. Her teacher is great and lets them into class when they get there.

Next was Ogre and Goose. We still had to get the Ogre's schedule - but they were handing them out in home room- so he said good buy and away we went.

Goose was so quiet as we walked across the parking lot. She held onto Jim's finger like it was her one link to life. She walked into her classroom- put her lunch box in her cubby and her back pack against the wall. We stayed while she looked around the classroom- and she held on tight. It took her a few minutes but she warmed up and kissed us good bye. I told her I would be back to pick her up- and she seemed OK- but so quiet and solemn.

I was able to go to the school and pick up my books for school- and ran a couple of errands. My van - still looking like it was at the beach got detailed and cleaned.

We headed back to Moose's school for parent pick up. We were there 20 minutes early and the line was already down the street. When it was finally our turn - she walked up to car- all smiles and happy. She was not fountain of information. She had a good time, she played out side- but she was not able to play on the monkey bars - she told me "I'm to petite for the monkey bars- I can't reach them) The first question she asked me was "where is Goose?" are we going to pick her up?" We did stop by the YMCA site- that she is going to be in after school at. She also told me that she did not take a nap today- it is about 3 miles from YMCA to Goose's school. She was asleep by the time we got there. We woke her up real quick.

When we got to Goose's class- she was still asleep. She was hard to wake up- but was so happy to see us. She hugged Moose and once she woke up- she was dancing around. She was happy to tell me that she saw the Ogre during her lunch (her teacher told us this as well- and told us she was all smiles as soon as she saw him). Mrs. B and Mrs. R both told us that Goose is just a big bunch of sweet sugar. (They have not see the spicy side) I am glad to know that they think she is as sweet as I do- They told me she follows directions well- and adjusted to their schedule quickly.

Ogre is a teenager. Doesn't hate his schedule- doesn't love it. It will do- he did go with me back to the college to trade out a couple of books.

The girls stripped down and had PJ's on- minutes after walking in the door (they are so my daughters) dinner, bath, teeth and bedtime. Moose was asleep about 5 minutes after being in bed. Goose - about as fast. (I have found that if they go to sleep in different rooms- then they go to sleep faster- move them after they are asleep)

They both seem very excited about going to school tomorrow- and I hope the excitement continues through the year. Ogre hasn't decided if he is going to change a couple of classes or not. He will make that decision on Wednesday.

It was a great day for all.