Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

after school

Goose and Ms. D

at her desk

putting our stuff up

In front of our class

My big boy- and one of my little girls

blurry - but going to class

Got our back packs and lunch boxes

Getting ready for school

Not getting up

Up and ready to get going

Today was the first day of school- Moose is in Kindergarten, Goose started K4 and the Ogre is a Jr in high school.

Moose was out of bed the instant I said her name. She had a hard time going to sleep last night- so I didn't think she would be so quick to wake up this morning. She was up- and anxious to get her uniform on. Goose was not as fast to get up, but once I reminded her that she had to get ready for school- she was up and ready to go. The Ogre didn't want to get up until the last minute (6:30am) so that he only had enough time to take a shower, put on his uniform, and to brush his teeth.

We all piled into the mini van and took Moose to school first. They ask that you drop the kids off at school- not park and walk them in. They have teachers, safety patrol, and parents that volunteer to help get the kids out of cars and into class. If it had been just me- I would have parked and walked her in-(crazy rule breaker that I am) but Jim said we had to follow the rules.

We pulled into parent drop off/pick up and I unbuckled her car seat- Coach A opened the door and took her to her class. Her teacher is great and lets them into class when they get there.

Next was Ogre and Goose. We still had to get the Ogre's schedule - but they were handing them out in home room- so he said good buy and away we went.

Goose was so quiet as we walked across the parking lot. She held onto Jim's finger like it was her one link to life. She walked into her classroom- put her lunch box in her cubby and her back pack against the wall. We stayed while she looked around the classroom- and she held on tight. It took her a few minutes but she warmed up and kissed us good bye. I told her I would be back to pick her up- and she seemed OK- but so quiet and solemn.

I was able to go to the school and pick up my books for school- and ran a couple of errands. My van - still looking like it was at the beach got detailed and cleaned.

We headed back to Moose's school for parent pick up. We were there 20 minutes early and the line was already down the street. When it was finally our turn - she walked up to car- all smiles and happy. She was not fountain of information. She had a good time, she played out side- but she was not able to play on the monkey bars - she told me "I'm to petite for the monkey bars- I can't reach them) The first question she asked me was "where is Goose?" are we going to pick her up?" We did stop by the YMCA site- that she is going to be in after school at. She also told me that she did not take a nap today- it is about 3 miles from YMCA to Goose's school. She was asleep by the time we got there. We woke her up real quick.

When we got to Goose's class- she was still asleep. She was hard to wake up- but was so happy to see us. She hugged Moose and once she woke up- she was dancing around. She was happy to tell me that she saw the Ogre during her lunch (her teacher told us this as well- and told us she was all smiles as soon as she saw him). Mrs. B and Mrs. R both told us that Goose is just a big bunch of sweet sugar. (They have not see the spicy side) I am glad to know that they think she is as sweet as I do- They told me she follows directions well- and adjusted to their schedule quickly.

Ogre is a teenager. Doesn't hate his schedule- doesn't love it. It will do- he did go with me back to the college to trade out a couple of books.

The girls stripped down and had PJ's on- minutes after walking in the door (they are so my daughters) dinner, bath, teeth and bedtime. Moose was asleep about 5 minutes after being in bed. Goose - about as fast. (I have found that if they go to sleep in different rooms- then they go to sleep faster- move them after they are asleep)

They both seem very excited about going to school tomorrow- and I hope the excitement continues through the year. Ogre hasn't decided if he is going to change a couple of classes or not. He will make that decision on Wednesday.

It was a great day for all.


Aus said...

Great updates - loved the beach pics - and so glad that everyone had a good first day of school! We're still a few days off on that but it will be here soon enough!

hugs - aus and co.

Chris H said...

They look so cute in their school uniforms.
I am glad they enjoyed their school day.

Alyson and Ford said...

They are both so cute! Love the pigtails! Sounds like all went well for a first school day.

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Sherri said...

adorable little girls!

Vicki said...

Your girls are getting so big! Thank your Mom for the quilt squares. Now she needs to show me how to make those bows!!!!

Chris H said...

Hey chick, just popping in to see how you are... I hope all is OK with you and the family.