Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back at it

I'm back- and I'd like to say I'm back for regular updates- but I don't want to make promises that I may not be able to keep. The girls and Ogre started school in August but so did I. I as taking an intro to Algebra class and a Humanities class. Throw into the mix- I started a new job- a dream job- and had to go to Kentucky for training for two weeks. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then two new classes. I haven't had time to breath- much less sit down and write on the blog- many regrets at not doing that, but we move on.

Ogre- is doing great. He is finishing his Jr year in highschool. He was able to go to London for a week with the school drama club- and will have a starring role in the play next month. He focusing on a possible military career- but he has to wait until the current president is not - anymore.

Moose- is doing fantastic in school She has really blossomed. She is reading like a dream, we are working on her addition facts (hope she is better at math than I am) She is such a social butterfly. We are looking into acting/singing classes for her but will see what she shows the most interest in.

Goose- is doing well in VPK. She is not getting the education that Moose received at the old preschool- but Goose has more speech issues. She is also a little stubborn- so she won't always perform on que when the teacher asks her to do things.

Hope to get back on track with blogging. It's been a rough year- but there is so much to remember and so much to post. I am going to be a more faithful blogger.


Debbie Sauer said...

Love the pictures! Glad you are back. Blessings

Chris H said...

It is so lovely to see you back Tamara... I have missed your updates and seeing how well the girls and Ogre are doing.

Aus said...

Morning - so glad I stopped in today! I've been checking you guys!!

Love the picks and the updates - in particular the one with an ogre carrying his 'prey'!! Oh - and the Ogre's date is a beauty too!

I often think I would have liked serving my country in uniform rather than my local community that way - there are worse starts to adult life - and so glad that the moose and goose are "blooming" - it's a joy to see!

Congrats on 'growing yourself' too - it's a challange - but well worth it in the end!

Lots of joy for you guys - hope ya'll are back for a while!

hugs - aus and co.