Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Today was a great day! The Easter Bunny delivered baskets late last night- and it's a good thing she did- because the Moose and Goose were up early. We don't have a lot of candy here- but the Easter Bunny is smart and knew the girls would need new bathing suits so those were in their baskets- the Easter Bunny also scored big on WebKinz pets- packages of two pets and one mini pet with clothes- $4. 97 at Costco. What little candy they did get- Grandma Bunny provided. The Ogre's basket had a gift card for Game Stop- and a variety of Axe products (thanks to coupons and sales).

I had to make a few side dishes for Aunt Eddie's - pasta salad, Mac & Cheese and a cake. Also had to get the girls dressed - and out the door. We stopped at Grandma's to drop off her Easter Basket and then off to see Great Grandma.

We met Grandma over at Aunt Eddie's and the afternoon was amazing.

Late lunch on the back porch- with a nice breeze and fans -- it was good food with great friends.

Uncle Kirk took the girls out on the boat around the lake. The girls are were loving the boat ride. They like the wind blowing through their pig tails.

They played in the water with Caidi, Christopher, Grace and Andrew. I thought for sure they would drop off - but they kept on.

We had an Easter Egg hunt- and 5 kids went through 200 eggs. After checking out the loot- Moose sweet talked her cousin Taylor to swing them on the swing out in the back yard- after all of that- Moose finally decided that she might be hungry. Goose never decided that- until she got home and I was tucking her into bed- we had to have a Mac/Cheese bedtime snack.

This was the first holiday without my Dad- and it was different- I kept expecting him to walk out to the dock- or to find him watching TV in the house. Not really expecting- but just the thought. It was not as hard as I thought it would be- but I was more aware of it than I thought I would be. Just trying to process the thoughts.

My Mom and I ran a few errands yesterday- and we talked about all kinds of things- one of the things I asked her was if she had changed the business phone voicemail message- she hasn't yet- and I'm glad. No- I haven't yet become the weird girl who calls her father's cell phone just to hear his voice- but it's coming.

I can't believe how big my girls have gotten- Moose has been home 5 years (next month) and Goose - 3 years (Last January). They are amazing!


Aus said...

Wow - what a great day - great family - and great celebration of the Ressurection and new life!

Yeah - there are the hard parts - there are times I'll even write my dad a letter just to update him on what's going on...and in my heart I know he reads it. While I'll never quit missing him - it does become easier!

hugs - aus and co.

Trish said...

The girls look just as cute as ever! So sorry to hear of the loss of your dad, our thoughts are with you and your family Tamara.

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So sweet girl. Tamara, I am very sad to read your blog that, they loss of their dad, my prayers always with you and your family.

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I also like to make dish of pasta salad, Mac & Cheese and a cake in Easter. On this year I also prepared vegetable biscuits.