Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Flowers and Showers

Cool stuff around Down Town Disney

The Ogre made his stage debut- in "Dead Men Don't Need Dress Rehearsels" He was awesome!

It's been busy- getting ready for the end of the year- and people being sick. We are getting through it all.
Ogre had prom - no date- went with friends. Had a great time- I am really glad that he went and had fun. He is a junior this year- and it's amazing to see how grown up he looks- and occasionally acts.
Mother's Day weekend we had big plans- and they all went down the drain. My BFF- who is also my niece's mother had some pretty big things going on. I knew she would need a shoulder so- I took a day off from work- arranged things so I was free- and promptly got sick. Spent hours sleeping on her couch, in my car- and in my bed. Thought the stress and nerves had got to me- couldn't imagine since my main symptoms were fatigue and malaise. So Friday middle of the night - the Moose starts crying that her throat hurts and she has fever- I'm guessing a doctor's visit is in order for us on Saturday. Jim took the Goose out to Animal Kingdom- and I took the Moose to the doctor. Cynthia (nurse practitioner) promptly diagnosed Moose and Mommy with strep. So we spent all of Saturday and part of Sunday in bed.

Mother's Day- we went to my Mom's and started painting her door- and helped her unload all her loot from the garage sales in Atlanta. She brought back some great stuff- we had dinner with her- and started her present. Painting her front door and hanging shutters.

My Mom and I went to the Green Auction--- it is a great fund raising event- that her friends Sally and Millie do every year at St. Patrick's day- but due to the miserable month that March was- they put it off until May. The way it works- is you buy a green gift, wrap it in green paper, and bring a snack to share. After the eating, drinking and making merry- the auction begins. We bid on the wrapped packages. The bidding can get intense. We do put a starting bid on each package- what you think your gift should start at. This year I had a tray, pitcher, and goblets- with a bottle of rum and mojito mix and a beautiful green oil lamp. My box went for about $40- which wasn't bad- I only had about $20 in it - because of some great sales.
In total we raised about $800 that night- and the money was donated to a children's organization.

We did make a trip to Hollywood Studios- the Moose and Goose are big enough to go on some of the bigger rides and we did Tower of Terror this last trip. Moose went twice- Goose once. They had a blast- and the thrill was there. We also had to watch Beauty and the Beast, Ariel and Disney Jr. We never made it past the Great Movie Ride. It was a great day!

Celebrated Hale-Bugs birthday- she is now 17. Can't believe it. Hard enough to think that Ogre is 17- but my niece also.
We celebrated with cake and ice cream- Grandma got her a great Coach bag, and her favorite Aunt Tamara came through with a rockin bathing suit and beach bag.

Last weekend we planned on a trip to Star Wars weekends at Hollywood Studios- but when I got home from dropping the Moose off at Grandma's for her sleepover- the Goose had a fever - and a nasty cough- so off we went to the doctor- (see a theme) - and she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She is now on antibiotics, steroids, and nebulizer treatments. She is going to miss the entire week of school this week- until the fever breaks, the cough lets up and she is better. She graduates from pre- K next Friday but she isn't to sad about missing school this week- she gets up in the morning- and says " I get to stay home from school today?"

This week will finish up Moose's kindergarten year. The girl is an avid reader- does great at writing, reading, and spelling. She hasn't quit singing since before she was talking clearly.
This summer Moose is going to work on improving those A+++++ reading skills and memorizing some addition and subtraction facts. Goose is going to start rockin the reading - we downloaded an app for that- she is great at the math.

Our prayers are with the families in Alabama, Joplin and Oklahoma that have been devastated by the tornadoes. I can't imagine what they are going through.


Aus said...

Well good morning - y'all have had a lot going on at the zoo - and while there was an overall 'doctor' theme - there was also and overall - 'things are good' theme too - and we're glad to see that!

hugs - aus and co.

Chris H said...

You have been busy again.. you are always busy!

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